Global Industrial IoT Platforms Reviews 2023

Sierra Wireless, part of Semtech, offers managed IoT connectivity services and IoT modules. Its products have applications for industries like healthcare, public safety, industrial manufacturing and energy. Microsoft Azure IoT Central allows users to connect IoT devices to the cloud and offers centralized management to configure and updated connected devices. I have been using Microsoft Azure IoT for quite a while now and I am very impressed with its ease of use and the expansive range of services it offers. MS Azure IoT provides powerful tools that enable developers to create robust and secure IoT solutions.

A research advisor will accompany you so that you can compare samples and reports from different sources, and choose the study that is right for you. Reportlinker’s market research methodology is designed to provide clients with a clear understanding of the market, its trends, and its future potential. The IoT service should provide energy-efficient algorithms designed for the system to be active longer. Here are some important criteria to find the ideal IoT company for your business. IoTConnect® is the result of our continued dedication to help companies take advantage of the IoT revolution. Let’s discuss your idea and empower your business to do much more with Internet of Things.

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When done well, organizations can gather invaluable data to improve efficiency and forecast the future. However, they must make it past difficulties in the adoption phase, also called pilot purgatory. IoT deployments require infrastructure that’s different from the enterprise norm, even the cloud. Hardware and security standards in IoT devices haven’t yet settled out, and the problem of processing data close to the IoT devices, rather than in the company cloud, all add to the complexity and expense of deploying IoT. The goal of an IoT platform is to provide all the generic functionality for your application so you can focus on building features that differentiate your product and add value for your customers.

iot platform vendors

Point Inside creates indoor maps and enables data-driven positioning technologies and indoor location-based services across different industries. Since its founding in 2009, the company has worked with clients in retail, airports, travel, hospitals and other sectors. Farmer’s Fridge has a large network of smart fridges stocked with jars of fresh meals accessible in workplaces, airports, hospitals and other locations. Each fridge comes with temperature scanning that alerts a technician when the temperature is off and food won’t be dispensed if it’s not fresh. The fridges stay stocked based on an algorithm that learns customers’ food preferences to prevent waste by sticking to a supply of what people want to eat. Customers can use Vivint’s app to remotely open and close the garage door, adjust the thermostat and view live video footage of their home.

How are IoT device management platforms used?

The platform can integrate easily with other platforms, including many CRM and ERP systems, as it inherits all the connectivity of the Azure cloud environment itself. From residential homes to commercial businesses, a wide range of customers depend on Spectrum’s connectivity iot platform solutions. However, organizations can request more secure connections through fiber technology for Ethernet access and other added perks. An IoT platform serves as a mediator between the world of physical objects and the world of actionable insights.

But believe it or not, many companies, particularly those who are engineering-driven, believe that they need to build every single piece of their IoT solution. Vertical focus.Aligning with a vendor that understands your industry is always a plus. Their solution will be designed to handle your type of data, analytics, and even help you comply with industry regulations.

IoT Cloud Platforms (a.k.a. Application Enablement IoT Platforms)

Search industries, Applications, technologies, solutions, articles and more. It’s generally a five-step process in vendor selection – budget allocation, business Applications definition, identification of vendors, evaluation against the decision-making criteria and then partnering with the vendor. They have completed 450 projects for 300+ clients from the USA, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and many other countries worldwide. Download our Industrial IoT brochure to learn more on the 6 verticals Triotos help their customers achieve complete automation. While an IoT platform can operate in a total standalone mode within a business, in today’s 2023 business and technology environment it will most likely be and integral part of the business or business unit. This requires ability to integrate it with existing business functions .

iot platform vendors

Regardless of this, you have to plan for substantial investments in engineering and integration capabilities as well as ongoing development costs. Needless to say, the company has to make a substantial investment in resources for solutions that will take at least a year to introduce. Google Cloud IoT is basically an IoT solution built on top of the Google Cloud Platform. It provides a complete set of tools to connect, process, store, and analyze data both at the edge and in the cloud.

Understand the Various Categories of IoT Platforms

Extended Enterprise Solution allows for the development of IoT business applications at the edge and ensures rapid deployment and centralized network management. Connectivity platforms provide communication technologies to connect physical objects with the data center (on-premise or cloud) and transmit information between them. Among popular connectivity protocols and standards for the Internet of Things are MQTT, DDS, AMQP, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi, Cellular, LoRaWAN and more.

  • However, platform vendors will usually offer customer support and extended services, such as implementation assistance.
  • These companies spend years and millions of dollars building non-value-added infrastructure, instead of focusing on building differentiated features to serve their customers.
  • Samsara’s sensor data solutions aim to enhance operational safety and efficiency for an array of industries.
  • With the SiP technologies, we offer system integration and size shrinkage services to customers.

Businesses use for automatic arming that activates when a property has been left vulnerable for a certain number of hours, as well as for energy and temperature monitoring. With its fully-integrated cloud-based platform, the company facilitates two-way communications and monitoring. Its mobile app enables users to quickly alert a monitoring center in case of emergency. Google launched its platform for Internet of Things development on the basis of its end-to-end Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud IoT is the integration of various services that add value to connected solutions. End-to-end IoT platforms cover all aspects of IoT products, from development and connectivity to data management and visualization.

Multi-layer security

There are hundreds of options and vendors at each layer of the IoT Technology Stack. The IoT device platforms you’ll encounter at this stage, usually come directly from chip manufacturers such as Intel, ARM, Nordic, and Xilinx. Selecting the right IoT device platform depends on where you are in the IoT product adoption curve. Given this complexity, it is not likely that you’ll find one single IoT platform that covers all areas of the IoT technology stack.

iot platform vendors

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