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Our mission is to help you rediscover your true self and live a happy, healthy life after treatment. And so, we help change your outlook and lifestyle so that you fully thrive – at home, school, and work. The support continues even after you leave our care with our engaged Alumni programs. You have decided to change your life — to free yourself from addiction and take control of your future. Mountainside Treatment Center will help you move forward in your recovery journey. Whatever your needs are, we can help you find the right combination of counseling and therapeutic activities to support your healing and help lay the foundation for the happy, healthy life you deserve.

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The organization, headquartered in Louisa, Kentucky, offers a full continuum of care including detox, residential, transitional, intensive outpatient, outpatient, medically assisted treatment (MAT), vocational rehabilitation, and job training. Regarding service offerings, a COE must offer a full continuum of care that provides a complete range of services that offer the patient an array of treatment opportunities based on acuity level and need. These services span a wide range of areas, including prevention and education, formal treatment and management of addiction issues, and post-treatment services, tools and resources that support ongoing recovery. Caron and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation believe that not all of these levels of care need to be offered by a single addiction treatment provider. Rather, some services can be offered through strategic affiliations with other providers that are transparent with their clinical outcomes and business practices, operate ethically, and are committed to providing quality care. A COE should have services offered to the patient and family prior to admission to treatment.

Provider & Workforce

Relapse prevention helps patients first recognize potentially
high-risk situations or emotional “triggers” that have led to substance abuse, and
then learn a repertoire of substitute responses to cravings. Patients also develop
new coping strategies for handling external stressors and learn both to accept
lapses into substance abuse as part of the recovery process and to interrupt them
before adverse consequences ensue. Controlled studies have found relapse
prevention to be as effective as other psychosocial treatments, especially for
patients with comorbid sociopathy or psychiatric symptoms (American Psychiatric Association, 1995). Cognitive-behavioral strategies, the improvement of self-efficacy, self-control
training, and cue exposure and extinction have all been used as components of
relapse prevention.

Addiction recovery center in Lansing loses funding – WILX

Addiction recovery center in Lansing loses funding.

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At Wilmington Treatment Center, we have developed specialized programming to combat the opioid epidemic that continues to plague individuals and families throughout North Carolina and across the nation. From medically monitored inpatient detox through personalized care at the residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels, we offer a full spectrum of comprehensive opioid addiction treatment services. Our programming is specifically designed to empower men and women to escape the chains of opioid dependence and live healthier drug-free lives. Lastly, the reach of services should be extensive in order for a provider to qualify as a COE.

Adult Rehabilitation Services

To promote lasting recovery, our clinical approach combines profound behavioral change with an understanding of the spiritual nature of lasting recovery and a deep appreciation for the inherent dignity and worth of all who come to us for care. With an array of treatment options, we have the program that’s right for you. I remember the day I found out my daughter was addicted to heroin and desperately needed help. I will always be grateful to her therapist who suggested I reach out to Mountainside.

In addition to residential services, Youth Care also offers partial hospitalization programming (PHP) for students who do not require an intense residential experience. This daytime drug addiction rehab treatment option allows students to benefit from the same daily rehab programming that is offered to adolescents or teens who are receiving residential substance abuse rehab treatment, but gives them the opportunity to return home after treatment. There is virtually no area of an adolescent or teen’s life that cannot be affected by substance abuse if they do not receive treatment. Struggles at school, poor academic performance, expulsion, social isolation, and incarceration are all distinct possibilities.

Goals and Effectiveness of Treatment

During these visits,
the clinician can monitor the potential for relapse and take any necessary steps to
prevent slips from occurring (Brown, 1992). The process of working through the 12 steps under the tutelage of a sponsor
encourages group members to reassess past life experiences and take more
responsibility for their substance use disorders. Attendance may vary from daily
to much less frequent, with more intensive involvement available whenever the
recovering person feels this need. Through educational and counseling sessions, clients learn about addiction, triggers, and how to approach problems and adjust their lifestyles. Through holistic work therapy, group and individual counseling sessions, spiritual direction, and life-skills development, program members learn to abandon substance reliance.

We have empowered over 20,000 people to transform their lives and achieve long-term recovery. Wilmington Treatment Center offers drug & alcohol rehab programs in North Carolina including inpatient treatment, detoxification, and outpatient services to help care for addiction and co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety. In addition, drug rehab centers need to be certified in order to advertise their programs and services on Google and Facebook via a third-party provider called LegitScript. This certification ensures that, through a rigorous vetting process, only legitimate, quality treatment centers can advertise their services on these channels. Whether it is your first time in Detox or Residential inpatient addiction treatment, or you’re experiencing a relapse, we are here to help you see hope.

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